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How much will a space flight cost you?

Taking a flight to space is without a doubt a life-changing experience. Just imagine the awe-inspiring site of seeing Earth from so far up. Plus, talk about impressing your friends. You’ll amaze people for the rest of your life with your tale of rocketing off into orbit. In the scheme of things, not too many people have, and you’ll be one of them. But the one thing that’s going to hold most people back is the cost of the ticket to get to space. Because it’s going to be quite pricey.

Virgin Galactic

Space ship two in flight

Virgin Galactic is probably going to be the first to launch tourists into space. So how much will a space flight cost aboard a Virgin Galactic spaceplane? Well, right now it looks like it’s going to cost t $250,000.

The fun will begin when you rocket off to space on a spaceplane called SpaceShipTwo, which holds up to 6 passengers and 2 crew. But first, you’ll have to get to 40,000 feet tethered to a large fixed-wing aircraft called The White Knight Two. Once there, SpaceShipTwo will be released and rocket you off to 50,000 feet, where space begins.

Unfortunately, the price won’t be coming down anytime soon. There are lots of wealthy people, including Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who are more than willing to pay large amounts to have that experience.

However, if you’re young enough you might be able to grab a somewhat affordable seat in a decade or so. By that time you might be taking a rocket instead of a plane to far off lands.

NASA and the ISS


In the 1970s and ’80s, NASA was pretty convinced that the now-defunct Space Shuttle program was going to usher in an era of civilians going to space. They foresaw a future where scientists, journalists, and even poets, Maya Angelou was approached, would board the shuttle to rocket off into space.

The Challenger disaster would end the thought of bringing regular civilians into space aboard the shuttle, and eventually, the program was shut down completely.

But now with the help of SpaceX and Boeing, regular citizens can take a vacation aboard the ISS for $35,000 a night. With an estimated cost of $50,000,000 to get there aboard the Elon Musk’s SpaceX Dragon capsule and Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft.

The $50 million is the same price that Boeing and SpaceX are likely to charge Nasa to get their astronauts to ISS.

Blue Origin

New shepard interior

Blue Origin is still in the testing phase for now. But someday people will be able to take their New Shepard into sub-orbital space.

The capsule has 530 cubic feet of room. That will be enough room somersaults and free-floating while taking in the view of space from large windows.

The New Shepard, named after Mercury astronaut Alan Shepard, is a reusable capsule that sits on top of a 60-foot tall reusable rocket. The rocket will take you to the Karman line, where space begins, and release the capsule. There you’ll float in weightlessness with awesome views of Earth. Soon after the New Shepard will parachute back down to Earth.

The interesting thing is that the rocket uses drag brakes to slow it’s descent back to the ground. Before touching down the engines fire again, and land vertically. An utterly amazing feat.

In all, this will be an 11-minute trip. The cost per trip isn’t known at this time, but there’s talk it will be around $150,000, to undercut Virgin Galactic.

Blue Origin is accepting applications for would-be astronauts. Happy flying!


Starship and super heavy

Not much is known about the cost of a ticket aboard the Starship and Super Heavy but we know there is already a passenger. Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa is plucking down enough cash for a trip around the moon with a few artists. The artists will be creating works of art inspired by the journey.

Although Maezawa won’t spill the beans on how much the space tickets will cost, Elon Musk described the deposit is “a non-trivial amount.”

Musk also foresees civilians going on a trip aboard Crew Dragon, which is in final testing before taking some astronauts to space. Musk hasn’t revealed how much that will cost yet.

How much will a space flight cost?

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