snow moon

2021 February Full Moon

Here’s to another year, and another year of spectacular full moons. Throughout the year I’ll take some time to talk about the full moon for each month. Including the nickname behind each one. Because every full moon has a nickname, depending on the month it falls in. These nicknames go back centuries, most likely attributed to Native Americans.

Ancient people often tracked the changing season by the lunar month rather than the solar month. The names they gave the moon were associated with what they observed in the Northern Hemisphere. In turn colonialists adopted the names for themselves.

February’s Full Moon is the Snow Moon

The Snow Moon rises on February 27, 2021 at 3:17 a.m. Eastern.

The full moon in February is also know as the Storm Moon and the Hunger Moon.

Snow and Storm Moon makes sense since it happens in the middle of winter. I can attest to bad snowstorms in February, having lived in the USA Midwest all of my life.

The Hunger Moon also makes sense since food was scarce for the people inhabiting places like Northern Europe and North America. Unlike today where a burger can be had at all hours, most throughout history had a hard time finding enough to eat in the wintertime.

Remember, the full moon doesn’t need any kind of telescope or even binoculars to enjoy, but to pick out features on the moon I highly recommend one or the other.